Food Freedom Club

A 6-week group coaching program for women who want to make their eating effortless, reach their goals, LOVE the food they eat & how they feel, every day.

We start February 22, 2017!

Sick of dieting? Overwhelmed with the amount of nutrition information out there? I GET IT. I created this group for YOU. This is a different approach than you've ever experienced, combining mindset work with practical, sustainable, & delicious nutrition so you can keep your results for the rest of your life.

Wouldn't it feel amazing to reach your goals and never obsess about food or your body EVER again?

Look, I LOVE food. It's possible to eat what you love, never binge again, and invest way less effort and struggle than you ever have. 

I created this program for the woman who has literally tried everything, but always ends up ridiculously disappointed, who's been on the diet and binge cycle for as long as she can remember, who's not been given the right tools to make sustainable change, who's never actually enjoyed your life while getting healthy, who's felt uncomfortable in her body for far too long, who's not known what to eat or in what quantity, and most importantly, who's been searching for a nutrition protocol that creates REAL change and mindset shift.

Simple nutrition advice just isn't enough, right? Mindset work around food & our bodies must take place in order to achieve sustainable results & feel amazing, forever.

Here's what's included:

  • Your exclusive "get started guide", a PDF full of detailed nutrition advice, cooking tips that are simple, and mindset practices
  • Weekly group educational, accountability, & support coaching call
  • Exclusive weekly recorded meditation
  • Weekly breathing exercises (because breathing properly will change your life)
  • Weekly prompts to set intentions & mindset 
  • Weekly in-depth but simple nutrition education & specific mindful eating practices
  • Journal prompts & checklists to track progress (not just with the scale)
  • Private facebook group for questions & support in between calls, where you can post your meals & food for feedback
  • Support from other amazing women who GET you
  • By the end of the 6-weeks, you'll leave with a completely customized, perfect-for-you nutrition plan 
  • BONUS: 12-week cooking prep plan (cook for 1-2 hours, eat all week) to make the practical aspect of cooking approacheable, simple, and delicious (a $50 value!)

Hi! I'm Ashley Pardo, and I'm a Nutritional Therapist and Private Chef. I live in Miami, FL.

I'm also a trained Wellness Coach through Wellcoaches, and am certified in Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training.  

Most importantly, I spent most of my life struggling with food, constantly dieting & bingeing, obsessed with the way I looked, exercising for hours everyday.  

I KNOW firsthand how miserable that entire cycle is. How defeated, ashamed, and disgusted we feel with ourselves because we can't seem to shake our obsession with food.  

I was constantly looking for the perfect food, diet, or meal plan that would FINALLY make me feel better and confident in my skin. I always looked to other people to tell me what, how much, and how to eat. Nothing ever helped or worked; I always ended up worse than I began.  

The thing is, when we struggle like this, it's never about the food. Food is merely the vehicle in which we act out our innermost feelings, thoughts, and desires. It wasn't until I took a real and HONEST look at myself and WHY I chose to engage in these behaviors that things really began to shift for me.  

Healing my relationship with food wasn't easy or linear, BUT, wouldn't you rather spend some time getting to know yourself, so you can fully trust yourself for the rest of your life and feel relaxed and happy around food, instead of jumping from diet to diet, and plan to plan, continuing to stay miserable and ashamed and losing out on the opportunity to get to know yourself?  

This group was created just for you. Because I was you. I've curated the lessons and content because I have been right where you are, and I KNOW how it feels.

This will jump-start you on the process of healing your relationship with food. Once you get the ball rolling and DECIDE to dedicate this time to yourself, you'll never look at food the same way again.  

Most importantly, you'll get your life back, and look and feel amazing. All with the support of other amazing women.

What you'll leave with after just 6 weeks:

  • Knowing which foods work for you & in what quantities
  • Knowing what to eat for your specific movement practices
  • The ability to seamlessly adjust to a new way of eating that you love
  • The ability to live your life while feeling amazing all the time
  • The ability to not turn to food to change your emotional state
  • NEVER wanting to binge or diet again
  • A mindset that allows you to eat what you want at all times
  • How to eat in social situations
  • A fully customized nutrition plan, tailored just for you
  • A new relationship with food & your body

Imagine feeling the best you ever have, inside and out. Because BOTH matter. I'll guide you there.

***I'm only able to take 6 women. I'm looking for highly motivated, super committed women to join me.***

Who is Food Freedom Club for?

  • The woman who has tried intuitive eating and felt like she's failed (you haven't - traditional intuitive eating is confusing!) 
  • The woman who doesn't feel good in her body
  • The woman who feels bloated/tired/foggy all the time
  • The woman who is TIRED of dieting & bingeing
  • The woman who feels that they have tried everything & nothing works
  • The woman who LOVES food & refuses to give up delicious meals and snacks
  • The woman who craves accountability & support from other like-minded women
  • The woman who wants to feel FREE in her body and relaxed around food
  • The woman who finds it impossible to stay consistent with her healthy choices
  • The woman who feels she doesn't have HOURS to invest in her health every week

Who is Food Freedom Club NOT for?

  • Someone who prefers one-on-one coaching over group support
  • Someone who just wants numbers & food lists
  • Someone unwilling to do mindset practices 
  • Someone who doesn't want to feel great, mentally & physically
  • Someone who isn't open to change

This is an incredible, value-filled opportunity!

ONE one-hour coaching session with Ashley is $100, and this includes six of them (within the group) : $600

The 12-week cooking prep guide: $60

Recordings of medidations & breathing exercises: $120

Journal prompts: $50

Mindful eating & nutrition education: $150

That's a $980 value, all for $197 (80% savings!)


Your precious time & energy deserve to be used up for things you love & enjoy, not thinking endlessly about food & exercise.


When do we begin?

We begin on February 22, 2018. You'll receive your "get started guide" and cooking prep plan the day before we begin, and you'll have access to me via email before we begin.

When do we end?

March 29, 2018, but you'll be able to keep the materials forever.

What happens after I sign up?

You'll be sent an email with details of the logistics of how we'll get started and the curriculum over the next 6 weeks. The day before we begin, I'll be sending you a "Get Started Guide", which will include lots of nutrition info, simple cooking tips, and mindset practices.

How will the content & bonuses be delivered?

Everything will be sent by email with attached downloads that you'll be able to keep forever.

What software do I need for the coaching calls?

We will meet over Zoom. No need to download anything, I'll be sending you a URL where you'll be able to join.

When will the coaching calls take place?

Every Thursday at 7pm EST, beginning on February 22, 2018 until March 29, 2018. We will discuss within the group the best time that works for everyone before we begin. 

Although I highly encourage the calls for support, if you can't make it on the calls live, it's no problem! They'll be recorded for you to listen at a time that works for you.

I don't like cooking. Is that okay?

Of course! I'll also guide you about ways to eat that don't involve much cooking.

Is there a movement practice involved?

I WILL be encouraging you to commit to moving in some capacity, daily. However, I will not be prescribing specific workouts. A daily walk and some stretching is a great place to begin. There will be movement practices available in future coaching programs.

How many hours a week will this program take? 

Less than 2 hours, including our weekly call.

Are supplements necessary?

No. I will be recommending super accessible supplements that are ENTIRELY optional. 

Do I have to like meditation & breathing exercises?

No. These are optional, but are highly encouraged due to their powerful nature of aiding in the development of self-awareness.