Want to make your eating effortless & finally begin to heal your relationship with food once and for all? 

Join my FREE 7-Day Food Freedom School! Begins Monday, January 29, 2018 

This training is for those who have spent TOO LONG struggling with food and their bodies, feeling deprived, and staying STUCK in the misery of the diet & binge cycle. You deserve to have an amazing relationship with food & your body, and I'm going to teach you the EXACT tools I used to feel freedom & total relaxation around food & my body via daily education.

This FREE 7-day e-course & live training will show you how to:

  • QUIT the diet & binge cycle
  • Eat foods you LOVE while reaching your goals
  • Listen to your body's hunger & fullness cues
  • Apply good & practical nutrition to the way you eat, because nutrition matters
  • Write out your "food origin story" & dive into why & how food struggles began
  • Discern if foods work for you & live in the flexible grey area
  • Look at the underlying thoughts and patterns that are keeping you stuck
  • Completely shift your mindset around food from strictness & control to relaxation & fun
  • Use intentions to make confident, empowered food & exercise choices
  • Eat in social settings
  • Let go of control & fully trust what you feel, want, & deserve
  • Feel confident, free, empowered, and at home in your skin and around food
  • Stop feeling trapped and constricted by external rules
  • Begin to create LASTING, permanent change through mindfulness & awareness

Imagine what it would feel like to never have to spend precious energy thinking & obsessing about food EVER again. Imagine what it would feel like to never have to diet or binge EVER again.

Is this you?

  • You oscillate between deprivation or going off the rails, not quite being able to navigate the grey area
  • You binge frequently, and usually in secret
  • You can't keep any of your "fun" foods in the house, because you'll eat them all
  • You feel lost/uncontrollable/voracious
  • You think about food or exercise 24/7
  • You exercise because it burns calories
  • You don't enjoy or totally love the food you eat
  • You talk down to yourself because you "can't keep it together" or "stay on the wagon"
  • You wait for Monday to begin "eating clean"
  • You ruin food you don't want to eat anymore by throwing soap on it, adding a crapton of salt, or throwing it away...only to take it out of the garbage later
  • You can't just taste certain foods

If you see yourself here, I created this training just for YOU.

Hi there! I'm Ashley Pardo, and I'm a nutritional therapy practioner and private chef. I live in sunny Miami, FL.

Most importantly, I spent most of my life struggling with food, constantly dieting & bingeing, obsessed with the way I looked, exercising for hours everyday.

I KNOW firsthand how miserable that entire cycle is. How defeated, ashamed, and disgusted we feel with ourselves because we can't seem to shake our obsession with food.

I was constantly looking for the perfect food, diet, or meal plan that would FINALLY make me feel better and confident in my skin. I always looked to other people to tell me what, how much, and how to eat. Nothing ever helped or worked; I always ended up worse than I began.

The thing is, when we struggle like this, it's never about the food. Food is merely the vehicle in which we act out our innermost feelings, thoughts, and desires. It wasn't until I took a real and HONEST look at myself and WHY I chose to engage in these behaviors that things really began to shift for me.

Healing my relationship with food wasn't easy or linear, BUT, wouldn't you rather spend some time getting to know yourself, so you can fully trust yourself for the rest of your life and feel relaxed and happy around food, instead of jumping from diet to diet, and plan to plan, continuing to stay miserable and ashamed and losing out on the opportunity to get to know yourself?

I created this training with YOU in mind. So you don't have to spend ONE more second obsessing about & controlling what you eat. 

This will jump-start you on the process of healing your relationship with food. Once you get the ball rolling and DECIDE to dedicate this time to yourself, you'll never look at food the same way again.

Most importantly, you'll get your life back.


How this 7-day course & live training will work:

  • From Monday, January 29th to Sunday, February 4th, 2018 I'll be going live in a closed Facebook group at 8PM EST to go deep into a specific topic & answer questions
  • After each training, you'll receive an email with what we discussed (so you can focus on being present during the presentation)
  • Each day will have an in-depth, practical lesson & quick (15 minute max) homework assignment
  • We will use the Facebook community to share insights, support, changes, and lessons
  • Use the hashtag #foodfreedomschool on Instagram to share your revelations
  • NOTE: This is NOT your traditional "listen to your body" or just another diet in disguise challenge. We are going to be digging DEEP into your mindset about what holds you back so you can live a lifetime feeling free & relaxed around food while meeting your goals. I will need you to be fully present so you can get the most out of this training.
  • Questions? Email me at ashleykpardo@gmail.com