Intuitive Cooking School

An 6-week Online Cooking School 

  •  Cook with confidence
  •  Learn easy & practical techniques over recipes
  •  Learn how to plan each & every week for amazing food
  •  All rooted in real food nutrition, so you can finally reach your goals, love the entire process, & never have to go on a diet ever again.

Cooking is the key to unlocking long-lasting & sustainable health

Tired of feeling overwhelmed & anxious in the kitchen after always wanting to learn how to cook? 

Feel like recipes get you nowhere? Unable to feel better because you hate eating "healthy food"? 

I know how that feels because I have been there. And now, you don't ever have to feel that way again, because this course has you covered.

I speak to people every week who tell me they're tired of feeling overwhelmed in the kitchen with long recipes and hours of prep time

They want to learn to cook with ease, not slave over a million obscure ingredients trying to follow recipes that don't end up tasting awesome. I mean, it should be worth it, right?

They want to eat "healthy" but also want it to taste delicious. Honestly, who doesn't?

Trust me, I get it. I was there for most of my life. And after years as a private chef & nutritional therapist and learning to cook intuitively, where cooking can be fun and easy, but also amazing, I created Intuitive Cooking School to help you do the same.

I am looking for a group of highly committed people who are ready to dive in & change their lives with the way they cook 

Instead of just giving you recipes (in which you won't learn for the long-run), Intuitive Cooking School's curriculum will be based on technique templates rooted in classical methods. 

Swap ingredients out, use what you have, cook for your exact taste, save money, and live stress-free in the kitchen.

Intuitive Cooking School Curriculum

Lessons delivered via email with 2 cooking videos each week plus support & live cooking demos in an exclusive Facebook group

We will also begin each week with a delicious batch cooking plan that I will guide you through

  • Week 1 | Understanding & combining flavor, intermediate knife skills, learning simple flavors for different global cuisines based on your tastes for endless variety, weight loss nutrition, batch cooking to prepare for your week
  • Week 2 | Breakfasts: all ways with eggs, breakfast hash, unconventional breakfasts, how to include veggies, chia puddings, healthy pancakes, & smoothies
  • Week 3 | Tacos, sandwiches, & wraps (with non-bread alternatives), baking fish & proteins, quick sauces templates (herbed, nut-based sauces, pestos, dressings, tomato-based sauces, salsas)
  • Week 4 | Quick cooking in a pan: stir fries, curries, searing, ground meat variations
  • Week 5 | Ten ways with vegetables, three types of salads (sturdy, fresh, & warm), 3 types of soups (chilled, pureed, & non-pureed), 2 types of purees
  • Week 6 | Slow cooking, braising meat, fish & legumes, putting it all together for the long-run, & how to stay at your goals forever

What you get

  • 6 weeks of education: 3 emails each week with cooking lessons, 2 cooking videos each week, 1 live demo per week
  • 6 weeks of batch cooking plans that we'll go through together each week
  • 12-week batch cooking e-book with menu plans & shopping lists for continued success with 200+ food ideas
  • Support in a closed & exclusive Facebook group
  • Weight loss nutrition education 
  • Let go of the dieting mindset: love what you eat, love the process, reach your goals, & stay there forever
  • Never binge or diet again

Imagine feeling confident in the kitchen, empowered to make your own meals, amazing in your body because of the way you eat, all while loving your food.

What you'll leave with

  • Never having to stress over the question "what's for dinner" again
  • Never have cooking anxiety again
  • Know how to manage your week without any intense meal prep or tons of tupperware
  • The ability to prep your meals in 15 minutes or less of active time
  • The ability to cook whatever you have in your house with confidence & creativity, without recipes
  • The ability to eat for your goals through nutrition education without EVER depriving yourself of flavor or pleasure
  • 20+ easy & practical techniques that can be translated hundreds of ways for a lifetime of cooking success
  • The ability to feel amazing in your body for the rest of your life

Who is it for?

  • Those who are ready to commit to feeling confident in their bodies & in the kitchen, & lose or maintain weight while eating food they love
  • Those who experience cooking anxiety, stress, or overwhelm in the kitchen
  • Parents who have limited time to make meals for their family but still want to feed their kids nutritious meals
  • Working professionals who get home exhausted at the end of the day but still want to eat a delicious, healthy, & warm meal
  • Those who turn to takeout or fast-food because it's convenient, even though they know it doesn't make them feel well
  • Those who DON'T want to spend 4+ hours in the kitchen preparing for the week
  • Those who are BORED, sick, & tired of what they eat
  • Those who want to lose weight but can't stand the typical "healthy food"
  • Those who have not been able to reach their weight loss goals no matter what they do or how hard they try
  • Those who want to stop snacking by learning to make super satisfying meals

About Ashley

Hi! I'm Ashley Pardo, and I'm a Private Chef and Nutritional Therapy practitioner living in Miami, FL.  

I've been cooking professionally for over 5 years with my private chef business. I cook for a wide variety of people with different needs, tastes, and preferences. I also cook for myself and my family, almost every day.  

I've taught hundreds of people how to cook, including children, in my cooking classes and workshops. If I can teach children to cook, you can, too!  

I believe that cooking is the ultimate act of self-care. Ten years ago, I was 50+ pounds overweight. Uncomfortable and depressed (with zero knowledge of nutrition or cooking) I was desperate to lose weight. I thought I needed to eat bland "diet food", so I did. And I lost weight. But it returned just as quickly.  

I've learned that in order to lose weight sustainably and feel good forever, you need to love the way you eat every day, and cooking is the way to do that. It was by honoring myself and not denying the fact that I LOVE food & eating that I'm able to feel my best.  

I am a classically trained chef, with certificates in both the Culinary & Baking Arts from Boston University's Gastronomy Program, founded by Julia Child & Jacques Pepin (one of my cooking teachers).  

I've lived & worked on farms in Italy that opened my eyes to see that good & amazing cooking is approachable & attainable to anyone who is willing to learn a few simple techniques.  

I also spent 15+ years struggling with my body & weight. It wasn't until I learned the methods I'm teaching in this course that I was able to love what I ate, learn to make it, and implement it every day.

I know, without a doubt, that learning to cook with my easy methods will transform your life in the kitchen, your body, & the way you feel, every day.


When do we begin?

As soon as you purchase.

What happens after I sign up?

You'll be able to take the course immediately!

Do I need to show up live for anything? 

Nope! All of the content can be reviewed at your own time & you'll be able to keep it forever. The program can absolutely be worked at your own pace.

How will the content & bonuses be delivered?

Via my teachable site.

How does it work?

You will be able to work through the lessons & videos at your own pace!

How many hours a week will this program take?

1-3. I will say, without a doubt, that what you get out of this program will be equal to what you put in.