Are cooking & meal planning sucking the life out of you? 

Want to eat delicious food, transform your body, and feel like a pro in the kitchen in just 5 days?

Download my FREE 5-Day Cooking Guide: Prep Like A Pro 2.0: prep meals in 15 min or less! 

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After spending over 6 years as a professional private chef, I'm sharing ALL my best tools & strategies with YOU to get delicious, simple, fast, and healthy meals on the table, every single day.

As a veteran private chef & nutritional therapist, I've taken all my experience, easy strategies, & secrets & put them all into this FREE training so you can prep like a pro & eat delicious food, too!

I have taught hundreds of people how to cook, made thousands of dishes, written hundreds of recipes and methods, and now it's time for you to learn all of my inside secrets.

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What's Covered Over the 5 days:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Why cooking matters, cooking as the ultimate form of self-care, and the basics of nutrition so you can reach your goals, happily and sustainably

Essential cooking tools, understanding flavor, setting up to cook {mise en place}, shopping, & pantry items

Cooking fats, internal temperature to cook proteins perfectly, ways to make meats & legumes, & marinating/dressings

Day 4

Day 5

All about veggies {7+ techniques to make them taste *amazing*}

Quick sauces, snack meals, putting it all together for your daily life

Is this you?  

  • You end up eating junk, snacks + bars all day and feel like crap
  • Those ingredient delivery services still require too much work
  • You & your family are SICK of eating the same food every day (if you even mention dry chicken & broccoli ever again...) and you're sick of hearing the complaints 
  • You spend 4+ hours in the kitchen every Sunday and can't stand the food at the end of the week
  • You're spending WAY too much money on takeout, restaurants, and wasted food
  • You find cooking intimidating & complicated
  • Thinking of variety is WAY too overwhelming; you have better stuff to do!

I created this free guide so *that* doesn't have to be your life anymore.

A sneak peak into what's included in this guide (so much value for FREE!):

KNIFE SKILLS 101: learn the only type of chopping you'll ever need for ease in your prep!

STOCKING YOUR KITCHEN: fill it with the best (and simplest!) pantry items & cooking tools

Learn 10+ SIMPLE & EASY TECHNIQUES, for thousands of dishes that you'll want to use daily

NUTRITION BASICS: finally understand how to lose, gain, or maintain your weight, forever

FOOD MINDSET: Stop feeling deprived & start feeling satisfied with what you eat

SUSTAINABILITY: quit yo-yo-ing, effortlessly reach & maintain your goals forever

FLAVOR 101: build maximal flavor with minimal ingredients

LEARN TO BATCH COOK: prep once, save time, eat all week

See what people who have taken the course think!

“As a health and fitness professional to busy moms with no time for cooking, I refer all my to Ashley and her Prep Like a Pro class. These methods made MY food less of a hassle while also improving my satisfaction with what I was eating! Whether you love to cook or just want to streamline your life, this is the perfect class for you.” - Deanna Schober,

"First of all, I just have to say that I have always struggled in the kitchen. As I said in my intro, food and cooking are actually a source of anxiety for me. But I have learned more in this week than I have in my whole 43 years of life. Many people have tried to help me and I just get extremely overwhelmed and just give up. But your strategies, methods, simplicity, and delivery have made it all easy digestible (pun intended) and make me feel for the first time ever like I CAN DO THIS!!! I’m looking forward to hearing about how I can continue learning from you."

"Just watched Tuesday’s video and loved some new things I learned from you! Loved the tip about fingers always touching the knife...was definitely an ah-ha! moment for me!"

"Oh and I LOVED the sharpening instructions too...I got really nice knives for my wedding 10 years ago and I think I’ve sharpened one of them once in 10 years!!"

"First of all, absolutely loving this! Love your tips, tricks, and hacks!"

"Prep like a pro got me excited about cooking again! It gave me the tools and confidence I needed to get back to cooking healthy meals for myself. I’m grateful that Ashley’s takes it slow and gives you the essentials. It’s simple and manageable."

This FREE 5-Day Guide will teach you how to:

  • Make healthy cooking & eating accessible, quit bingeing & never feel deprived or bored ever again 
  • Build a sustainable relationship with food to reach your goals (lose, build, or maintain) & empower yourself to eat & cook what you like
  • Build the basics of flavor you love with simple & minimal ingredients
  • Learn basics of nutrition to create meals that will keep you satisfied & feeling your best 
  • Stock your kitchen with the best (& super practical!) tools for effortless cooking
  • Utilize techniques: 5 techniques for proteins, 5 for veggies, no-cook meals, a salad template, a snack template, and 3 meal templates for hundreds of options
  • Spend 1-2 hours in the kitchen on the weekend for a week's worth of food (batch cook vs. meal prep)
  • Customize any recipe to your own liking by learning a few techniques that translate to hundreds of meals (& be able to look at your fridge & create meals on the fly!)

Meet your teacher!

Hi! I'm Ashley Pardo, and I'm a Business Coach, Nutritional Therapist, & Private Chef living in Miami, FL.

I've been cooking professionally for over 5 years with my private chef business. I cook for a wide variety of people with different needs, tastes, and preferences. I also cook for myself and my family, almost every day. 

I've taught hundreds of people how to cook, including children, in my cooking classes and workshops. If I can teach children to cook, you can, too!

I believe that cooking is the ultimate act of self-care. Ten years ago, I was 50+ pounds overweight. Uncomfortable and depressed (with zero knowledge of nutrition or cooking) I was desperate to lose weight. I thought I needed to eat bland "diet food", so I did. And I lost weight. But it returned just as quickly.

I've learned that in order to lose weight sustainably and feel good forever, you need to love the way you eat every day, and cooking is the way to do that. It was by honoring myself and not denying the fact that I LOVE food & eating that I'm able to feel my best.

I am a classically trained chef, with certificates in both the Culinary & Baking Arts from Boston University's Gastronomy Program, founded by Julia Child & Jacques Pepin (one of my cooking teachers). 

I've lived & worked on farms in Italy that opened my eyes to see that good & amazing cooking is approachable & attainable to anyone who is willing to learn a few simple techniques.

I know, without a doubt, that learning to cook with my easy methods will transform your life in the kitchen, but most importantly, the way you feel, your confidence, and your body - every single day.

I talk to dozens of people every day who tell me about their boredom, frustration, and apathy in the kitchen (and their consequent lack of health results), so I created this guide just for YOU.

We'll be learning how to make ALL of these meals (and more!) over the next 5 days!

Imagine being able to eat food like this, every day. 


Eating amazing food every day, and *never* feeling like it has to be a time/energy suck, complicated, stressful, or impossible. 

A solid & confident relationship with food + knowing how to cook & prepare delicious meals, so your goals can be reached & maintained for a lifetime

Living without ANY food drama, knowing exactly what to eat and how to prepare it for your goals, and loving that food, every single day.

You deserve it.

I'll also be teaching you to batch cook just like this, for easy & efficient food prep!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Note: this NOT your traditional "easy" cooking masked with complication. What I'll be teaching are super practical, unfussy methods & techniques that ANYONE can do, and will leave you with plenty of time to put energy into other areas of your life.
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